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Electric Spin Scrubber Multi-Purpose Cleaning Brush Kit

  • Electric spin scrubber is the newest innovation in shower scrubbers. Designed with stiff and hard bristles, this power scrubber is ideal for home cleaning to bring a better cleaning result.
  • 3 REPLACEABLE BRUSH HEADS:Round brush is perfect as a concave cleaning brush, like sink and bathtub.Flat brush is ideal for large flat surface like ceramic tile ground and floor-to-ceiling window,glass shower doors.Pointed brush is ideal for hard to reach areas, corner and other narrow space.
  • Spin Scrubber-Waterproof: The water-proof seal design makes it safe to operate under wet conditions such as showers, tubs, sinks, etc.
  • The handle is directly attached to the cleaning head and can be used as a handheld.
  • Installation method:Connect the main handle to insert extension handle,ensuring a "click"is heard and the locking mechanism is secure.Until the extension handle button pop-up.